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(ENG) مهارات التواصل المتطورة- العلوم السياحية

من الذي ينبغي أن يحضر: طلاب المعهد السياحي سنة 2,1 اهداف

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ISO 9000 – Quality & Excellence

Who Should Attend: Quality Management Specialists

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Fundamentals of Quality Management

Who Should Attend: Quality Assurance Managers Quality

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Excellence Models

Who Should Attend: Excellence Specialists Senior & High

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Project Risk Management

Who Should Attend: CEOs, CFOs & Financial Controllers

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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam Preparation

Who Should Attend: Who can attend this best PMP® training in

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Microsoft Project 2017® Fundamentals

Who Should Attend: Project Managers Project Coordinators

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Fundamentals of Project Management

Who Should Attend: Business Professionals and Managers