Our Vision

To transform businesses in the country through their people, by providing world-class interactive and customised learning & development solutions in both English and Arabic.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are precious jewels that we protect and live by every day:

We don’t just run a training business! We are passionate about learning, about sharing knowledge and about making a difference, both professionally and personally, in the lives of our training participants.

We believe in quality that doesn’t simply meet, but exceed expectations. We set very high benchmarks of quality for ourselves, and we constantly strive to ensure our clients satisfaction with every training program we deliver. Our quality promise is backed by our passion and our money-back guarantee.

We stand by our moral code of professional conduct and ethics in all our dealings with internal and external stakeholders.

Why Global Institute

Our training solutions are highly customizable, thoroughly researched and designed specifically for the Middle East. We take great pride in always being rated as the Best Training Partner, by our clients.

Our continued success is attributed to our loyal, quality-driven customers and their recommendations to businesses -wide.

With a strong foothold in Swaida, we also provide bilingual training solutions, with plans to expand further. There is really no stopping us!

We have a wide array of soft-skills development programs for all organizational levels – from management all the way to front-line employees. We do not provide, nor support, the typical mundane class-room training delivery. Our training takes interaction to another level. We provide only experiential, inspirational, practical, power-packed learning experiences based on behavioral competencies. Participants gain hands-on skills during the sessions, ensuring that knowledge is truly gained and retained.

Quick Facts

  • GI training facility has been highly classified by the Ministry of Tourism; in-terms of space, and best practice for environmental education.
    Started its first education year with 120 students
  • GI training facility has state of art the art training equipment and tools.
  • GI has developed partnerships with top notches partners of global education institutes, learning organizations and technology providers.
  • GI Team of instructors and teachers, are highly educated (Doctoral degrees, Engineers, Masters, etc….)
  • Multilangual Team
Certified Courses
Enrolled Students
Education Awards

Meet Our Instructor

With extensive backgrounds in assessment, curriculum development, classroom teaching, higher education and technology, our professional development consultants are knowledgeable about state, national and Common Core standards as well as performance assessment, portfolios and using assessment information to improve student performance and classroom instruction.

Marketing Teacher

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, instructional and communication skills.


Certificate in Tourism Science, professional teaching skills and vocational expertise.

Management Teacher

Post Graduate Degree in management education, with strong business experience.

Software Developer

Knowledge of Java & other programming languages, communication skills.

English Teacher

Graduated from Cambridge University in English Literature, strong Presentation Skills.


Certified Financial Education Instructor, possess the skills and teaching techniques.

Looking for Technology, Human Resources , Business, Tourism Science, English Language Study?
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Cloud Library

We envision a world where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by accessing the country's best learning experience. GI Team is progressively working to release Courses include recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums.

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Every course on GI is taught by top instructors from the best universities and educational institutions. When you complete a course, you’ll receive an accredited Course Certificate, from an internationally reputed entities.

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Video Lessons

GI Technical and Academicals team, is working to leverage a comprehensive library of video lessons of most of our courses, so we’ve worked with university partners to offer flexible, affordable online programs in business, computer science, and tourism science.

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Tourism Science

The demand for professionals with an advanced degree in the Tourism service industry continues to increase. Job opportunities in restaurants and recreation, sports management, hotel management, convention and tourist bureaus, are on the rise.

What Students Say...

“I think GI creates a great environment for learning and being able to admit mistakes and learn to learn without pressure and fear of getting questions wrong.”

Hanan A

“I think that GI does very well in helping student express themselves even when they might feel embarrassed. GI makes it so that making a mistake in class will NOT make a student less popular or make them feel stupid because they say that mistakes can be helpful.”

Omar B

“I can have a good relationship with the teachers unlike my elementary school, where I was pretty much afraid of all my teachers.”

Ruba Abu Ali

“At GI I’ve found an atmosphere that motivates students to find the best version of themselves and to grow as individuals.”

Mohamad H