Train the Trainer methodology training

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Who Should Attend:

  • Managers & Supervisors with training responsibilities
  • Subject Matter Experts with technical knowledge to transfer
  • Training Officers
  • Corporate Trainers

Course Objectives

  • Understand the difference between training and presenting information
  • Promote learner participation and involvement using effective questioning techniques in a training session
  • Learn how to evaluate personal training strengths and areas to work on
  • Explore the factors that promote learning
  • Understand how to apply the concepts of Accelerated Learning in training
  • Familiarity with recognised success measures to assess effective learning
  • Define effective feedback.

What will you gain?

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the training cycle, the aims of training and how to create an effective training environment
  • Define objectives that meet both business and learner needs
  • Describe how and why people learn and how to adapt design and delivery style and use group dynamics to maximise the learning experience
  • Design training events that challenge and inspire
  • Recognise and react positively to audience dynamics
  • Structure and deliver a training session with a range of training methods tailored to suit the course content and desired learning outcome
  • Create accompanying tutor notes to improve the consistency training
  • Measure the effectiveness of delivered training
  • Handle different delegate types and challenging situations.

Course Content

  • Training as a Process
    • Training – Coaching – Facilitating
    • Kolb’s Learning Cycle
    • The Steps of Learning
    • Learning Styles: Pragmatist/Activist/Analytical/Reflector
    • Learning Cycle vs. Learning Styles
    • Behavioural Styles
  • Training Design: The 4-Mat Design
    • Making things memorable
    • Unpacking
    • Handling Questions
    • Icebreakers and Energizers
  • Training Design:  Where is your spotlight?
    • Perceptual Styles
    • Training Delivery:  Diversify Your Delivery
    • Brain Storming
    • Interactive Talk
    • Illustrative Talk
    • Group Discussion
    • Panel Discussion
    • Role Play
    • Workshop Method
    • Classroom Practical
    • Field Practical
  • Techniques and Aids
    • Group Training Techniques
    • Activity-Based Learning
    • The Value Of Experiential Learning In Achieving Learning Outcomes
    • Using Visual Aids To Enhance Training Sessions
    • Seating For Success
  • The Trainees
    • Personality Types
    • Social awareness
    • Relationship management
  • The Trainer: Tuning Up
    • My Big Why
    • My Intentional Stance
    • S.W.O.T Me
  • The Trainer: Training Genius
    • What do we mean by Genius?
    • Thoughts – Emotions – Physiology
    • Building your genius trainer state
  • Dealing With Problem Participants and handling questions
  • Training Evaluation
    • How Effective Is Your Training
    • The Four Levels Of Training Effectiveness
    • Transfer Of Training To The Workplace
  • Wrapping Up

Feedback Analysis and Improvement Plan.

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