GI English Club- Announcement

GI English Club- Announcement

The Department of English at GI has a brand new English Club run by our undergraduates. After a successful internal launching of the GI English Club, and streamlining the workshops and sessions among our students, the GI English department will soon open free enrollment and placement test for the public, to engage more members into English speaking and social support activities.

The purpose of our GI English Club – IELTS based approach, is to provide a social networking group for all English majors and minors.  The club will serve as a creative and expressive outlet for members with similar interests and goals.

Ultimately, the English Club’s purpose is to enrich the lives of English students attending Global Institute for Human Development.

If you are not currently an English major, minor, or ever planning on being one, it does not matter. The GI ENGLISH CLUB will be soon open to any person that has an interest in literature of all sorts or is just plain bored. Please feel welcome to join us at any meeting or event. If you are interested in the English Club or want more information, please contact us NOW! And visit GI English Club page to learn more:

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