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English Department has launched The English Language Club in 2019 to encourage the students to practice their English language and to express their opinions, suggestions, notices and contributions. The students are highly motivated to participate in all the extracurricular activities organized by the club. The club enhances the cooperation between the students and the staff members in a relaxed atmosphere.
The club includes ten members. Four are instructors appointed by the English Department council every two years. The other members are students who represent the different levels of English Department and the other two departments of the institute.

Objectives and Activities

English Language Club aims to accomplish the following objectives:
  • Providing students with the extra-curricular activities that develop students’ skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading).
  • Encouraging students to use language in a relaxed atmosphere and away from the classes’ pressure.
  • Enhancing ties of cooperation between students and teaching members.
  • Helping students get benefits from modern technology in learning English (i.e. the Internet).
  • Providing students with some educational tools such as English newspapers, magazines, maps,
    wall pictures and so on.
  • Offering some extra activities to satisfy the needs of distinguished students.
  • Presenting some strategies to help poor students learn basic language skills.
  • Presenting lectures and discussions which raise awareness about important issues such as smoking and car accidents.
  • Screening selected programs and films which enable students to talk about their religion, culture, customs and history.
  • Inviting professors to deliver seminars. 

 Club Philosophy

The noble philosophy of the English Club is to find virtual opportunities for students to practice English in a relaxed atmosphere.  It tries to open all the channels of learning English which must not be limited to the classroom environment. Students must inclusively get involved in English and use it as a medium of communication as much as they can. English Language Club offers some techniques and activities that cannot be applied within the classroom environment. The club invites students to enjoy learning English. It is a modest attempt to develop students’ levels in English.

Club Members

English Language Club consists of the following members:
  • Member of the board  (supervisor)
  • Operation Manager (Supervisor)
  • English Teacher (Facilitator)
  • Four of our Students will supervise the sessions

Club Facilities English

Language Club includes the following facilities:
  • A room or a hall.
  • Some tables surrounded by chairs in the middle of the room
  • Three shelf cupboards to keep books.
  • Two personal Computers with free
  • Internet access.
  • A T.V set , a video , a
  • recorder and some tapes.
  • English newspaper subscription.
  • Educational posters that show biographies of famous figures.
  • Some English short stories and magazines.
  • Monolingual and bilingual dictionaries.
  • Tea and coffee
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