Methods of learning

Methods of learning

Blended Learning Methods is what GI-EQP acquired throughout a well- designed and structured approach to language education system. A new learning methodology was built to leverage the power of global education providers, and technology partners to derive a new concept of learning.
Blended learning methodology contains both ILT (Instructor-Led Training) and CBT (Computer Based Training). In ILT, an Instructor interacts with the students in executing the activities whereas in CBT student can perform them alone in a private environment using a dedicated learning management system that gives you a completely virtual environment, alongside a personal teacher, with equal learning weightage of LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing).
Every English teacher is well aware, teaching a language is no small feat. Students can often be reluctant to learn, or at times simply be demotivated because of the mammoth effort required to master a foreign language. They may find the classes boring or monotonous, or at times find themselves unable to concentrate fully on the instructions. But this problem can be solved by looking at new and creative methods of teaching English at GI-EQP:

Encourage Students to Join our Language Learning Communities

Our GI English speakers club, and our online forums can serve as useful aids to gain further mastery over the language, especially for practicing speaking skills. There are GI online access to global English providers and local groups that have members with different levels of mastery over the language. Through conversations, exchange of tips and collective study efforts, these communities will allow our students to build confidence and gain proficiency in their target language. Moreover, it helps avoid the isolation that many foreign language learners otherwise experience, by connecting them with others who share similar challenges and motivations.

Modern Interactive approach to language learning:

GI-EQP has acquired the best of breed technologies available in the market for the Education industry, and equipped smart classrooms, to give our students from day-one a great and modern facility to learn English. The process of English communication learning is meant to be more student-centered with less time-consuming. Therefore, we guarantee the highest improvement towards the teaching quality, and students’ applied English communication can be effectively cultivated, meaning that our students’ communicative competence will be further developed.


As a student at GI-EQP, you can make the course fit around your needs. You can have your lessons whenever you want at your peace of time, and you can have your teacher arranged on any day and time that suits you, varying it from week to week according to your needs. You can alter your study rhythm when you’re unable to attend frequently and when you have more time than usual. Most of your courses can be completely personalized from start to finish to ensure you reach the objective you want. Our English facility is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm every day, except for holidays.

Testing on arrival

On your first day you will take a language assessment, which is based on Cambridge English Assessment to assess your knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and how well you are able to understand and speak English. This helps us to understand the class you’ll be happiest and most successful in.

Quality Assurance

Our Internal and External Directors of Studies are monitoring and controlling the student's activities and progresses in a (daily, weekly, and monthly basis) via GI & its connected Education Partners, ensure our programmes are of the highest possible quality, that our students leave having gained the maximum from their time with us.

Learning English Naturally

Our course lets you learn English in the same way as you learned your native language as a child. You focus on listening and speaking and you learn through trial and error. This method of natural acquisition is not only the most logical way to learn but it’s also the most fun and rewarding.

Exams and Assessments

In GI-EQP, we frequently maintain ongoing exams and assessments for our students (daily, weekly, and monthly). Our education practice contains a digitalized assessment that built to craft more than 2500 exams within the entire student life-cycle training qualification to expedite the learning process curve.

Structural Approach

The Syllabus for each level is mapped to the CEFR levels A1-C2. The levels define what you can do and GI-EQP believes that language is for communication. Our objective is to prepare our students to be ready, willing, and able to pass any of the international tests, such as (IELTS, TOEFL) after providing test simulation within the GI premises.

Communicative Approach

We use the Communicative Approach, so you'll learn English by using English—not by listening to grammar lectures and doing worksheets. We feel strongly that this is the most effective method to acquire English that students can use in the real world.